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DG3 Queens Of Rap 

Hip Hop group DG3 is taking the Hip Hop world by storm. The Hip Hop duo consists of  twin sisters Amber & Angelia Richhart hailing from Indianapolis Indiana. the Two sisters have always been into music coming from a musically inclined family two were introduced to music early in life playing various instruments from piano to guitar which makes them very well rounded.

It wasn’t long before they knew their calling once they picked up the mic they then started crafting their rhymes & writing Hip Hop songs and amassed over 50 tracks they have written together & the catalog keeps growing steadily. Their style is very unique and original, they have taken a page out of with  Emeinem’s Hip Hop book & added their own twist on it.

These twisted lyrics definitely place them in a league of their own. The girls dropped a Lp back in 2017 and have done gigs all across their home state of Indiana gaining quite a following across the mid west of the USA.

Their new project that drops later this summer of 2018 on a undetermined date is also set to be well revived & success. These two beauty’s have worked with the likes of Platinum producer & former producer to Hip Hop legend 2PAC Shakur & Morris Day named Moe Z MD,who really pushed the two to go hard in the Hip Hop game & that Is exactly what they are doing. The Culture Weekly looks forward to hearing more & seeing more from DG3 as they grow & continue to Do It For The Culture


 Amber Richhart,

 Amber is more than just the most magnetic presence in a room, or the woman described as the life of the party! She’s shredding the original rule book with her unique combination of artistic credibility and exotic allure in rap lyrics. With many talents such as playing the piano, Organ, writing songs, and modeling.

Not many rap artists and musicians have thrilled audiences worldwide with her unique looks and talent.There really isn’t anyone quite like her! She also states ” it’s important it is to follow your dreams and to never give up. She also believes in setting goals, and to reach for your dreams”



Angelina Dg3 Angelia Richhart,

  Angelia  is not just a deeply passionate and committed musical rap artist who plays the drums, and guitar. She is a woman with multiple talents that extend far beyond the instrument.

She plays with such poetic expression and peerless technical control. She’s a model, a committed song writer, and artist all the way around. She’s Defiant, self reliant & definitely a riot!

Angelia states that ” it’s important to be true to yourself, and not be afraid to standout from the crowd, or to be different. It’s what makes you unique! “




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