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Mosaic Mirage

Mosaic Mirage 

Mosaic Mirage is The Pacific North Wests hidden jewel.

The Spoken Word artist hailing from Tacoma WA.brings the sensuality back into poetry & Spoken Word that has been dominated by Slam in recent years.

Her words are very powerful sensual and have meaning.  The Poet puts every bit of herself into her art literally you can feel every word that exudes from her mouth taking you on a journey into the mind & soul.

Let’s not forget that spoken word is an element & pillar of Hip Hop culture that is overlooked & she definitely is expressing herself thru her art & is leaving her mark in the Hip Hop community in the Washington State area.

From performing & hosting at Hip Hop events where you have an abundance of  Trap & Boom Bap style Hip Hop artist she is definitely holding her own in that male dominated arena where you might not think you would find artistry such as hers.

But none the less is greeted with standing ovations and moments during her performance where you can hear a pin drop because she has captivated the audience with her seductive sultry delivery.

We will allow you to make your own decision but we at The Culture Weekly are saying that Mosaic Mirage is definitely Doing It For The Culture & will be here for many more years leaving her mark on hip Hop!  

Please check out her new project out on Soundcloud titled ” Letters To My Ex ” below.

Letters to my ex by MosaicMirage

some new, some old. all mean a lot to me. all about you. i get it. i forgive you. i’m happy for you that your’e moving on. thank you for being strong enough to walk away for the both of us.

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