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Angel Luis


Troubled Mind 

The Booth is back wit another track & visual exclusively for The Culture Weekly titled Troubled Mind. This track goes hard with the bars as we have grown a custom too when dealing with Worcester Emcee Angel Luis.This visual Troubled Mind was directed by Roxbury Mass. newcomer director Lawless Visuals. The visual depicts Angel’s thoughts represented by the clown that is in the video,as we know clowns are tragedy and comedy at the same time the perfect motif to represent the troubled mind of a man wrestling with his thoughts. Angel Luis delivers bar after bar of some of the best Hip Hop we’ve heard in a while.This Emcee is bringing it back to the days of lyricism & creativeness in Hip Hop.This track was a surprise as we were waiting or the premier of another visual & track from Angel Luis & Phonebooth titled I’m Sorry Mami featuring Brockton Mass. Songstress Eylssa Nicole. We recently had the chance to be behind the scenes at the video shoot for I’m Sorry Mami where we got to interview Phonebooth & Eylssa Nicole.The interviews will drop very soon The Culture Weekly til then The Culture Weekly presents Troubled Mind by Angel Luis

Angel Luis Phonebooth – Troubled Mind – Directed By Lawless Visuals | The Culture Weekly Exclusive

Worcester Mass Emcee Angel Luis Troubled Mind – Directed By Lawless Visuals | The Culture Weekly Exclusive

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